1. Hughes/Campbell-WalterNissan GT - R1hr 01m 46.717s 28 laps
2. Makowiecki/Accary Aston Martin DB9+1.885s#
3. Menten/Kechele Lamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S +10.284s
4. Bobbi/LonginMaserati MC12+10.875s
5. M?cke/Nygaard Aston Martin DB9+11.051s
6. Margaritis/HegerMaserati MC12+11.787s
7. Bertolini/BartelsMaserati MC12+19.310s
8. Leinders/MartinFord GT Matech+22.413s
9. Ara/NilssonNissan GT - R+27.708s
10. Palttala/KuppensFord GT Matech+28.790s
11. Maassen/ArmindoCorvette Z06+35.507s
12. Schwager/PastorelliLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S +58.724s
13. Hirschi/PiccioneAston Martin DB9+1m 25.839s
14. Gavin/Kuismanen Corvette Z06+3 laps
15. Bernoldi / Ramos Maserati MC12+4 laps

DNF. Kox/HaaseLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S 16 laps completed
DNF. Wendlinger/MoserNissan GT - R16 laps completed
DNF. Zuber/Hennerici Corvette Z0615 laps completed
DNF. Krumm/DumbreckNissan GT - R 10 laps completed
DNF. Hezemans/KumpenCorvette Z062 laps completed
DNF. Bouchut/BassengLamborghini Murcielago 670 R-S 1 lap completed
DNF. Grosjean/MutschFord GT Matech0 laps completed

DQ. Turner/EngeAston Martin DB9Excluded because the underfloor skid plank on the flat bottom of the car was worn beyond the permitted minimum thickness - had finished first

# denotes handed 15-second time penalty post-race for not serving a drive through within the required time.



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