Any of you think that Johann Zarco could be a tittle contender in 2018?

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Mon, 03/12/2018 - 16:08
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Any of you think that Johann Zarco could be a tittle contender in 2018?

Those of you who wander about on the site have probably read that article, about Steve, a multiple decades long motorcycle journalist and commentator, who put it out in the open, that Zarco could well be fighting for the Championship, and not only for podiums or chasing the elusive winning step.

I had considered it too, but quickly put it back where it came from. Mainly because the Yamaha machinery Zarco will be using is, on paper, inferior, to that of the factory equipment.

The assistance Zarco can hope for is as good as any, but I do believe Yamaha engineers keep their best secrets close to their chest. On the other hand, Michelin has probably special ties with a French pilot who seem to be riding "feather" like on different tires than those favored by the majority. Not saying that Michelin would be doing anything unethical here. However, Tech3, Zarco, Michelin all speak the same language. It surely helps in terms of communication.

I am still undecided, whether JZ5 could seriously pretend to a title this year, but if he starts the season with a bang, as he did last year in Qatar, why not? the two Moto2 titles he got were won fair and square, with many of very good opponents, Rins, Morbidelli, Lowes, Luthi, Esparago's, to name a few....

Anyone else is in the opinion Zarco could transgress the established order?

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