BREAKING NEWS: motorcycle racing is dangerous

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Tue, 08/28/2018 - 19:02
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BREAKING NEWS: motorcycle racing is dangerous

Just thought I'd make this announcement in the wake of the Silverstone debacle.

Where it appears we are supposed to believe that if a MotoGP rider has no other option but to average 150mph around the track. They have no control over the throttle and if there is standing water of any depth, the rider is completely incapable of slowing down way in advance as to prevent aquaplaning.

The rider is obviously NEVER responsible for a crash. It's always the electronics or tire's fault. Or a bump on the track that only picks on that particular rider. And the sight of water means that a rider absolutely must try to ride as if their are no consequences.

See how dumb that all sounds?

Even on a dry track, the sport is only as dangerous as you make it. Cant handle it? Slow down. Afraid of aquaplaning? Slow down way in advance. Still scared? Pull off the track and go pout in your hospitality truck.

They couldve and shouldve ran the race on Sunday. The ONLY way you dont run the race is if there is a fear that the average speed around the track is not enough to keep the bikes engines in their safe operating temperature range, which is highly unlikely since they are literally being liquid cooled by the ambient moisture/cold track temps.

Run the race. Everyone limp around the track. Let the brave (Miller) push things. Let the dumb push things too far and wreck (Marc). And let the wet race aces show their stuff (Baz/Petrucci). 


And before any of you muppets complain that I've never raced and dont know/respect the risks. I have raced professionally. And I've been in those safety meetings and listened to the excuses FIRST HAND that prominent stars of a sport give as to why a event should be cancelled. They're laughable at best. The stars are only looking to protect their brand as they dont want to get shown up in the worst of conditions. I'd LOVE for these safety meetings to be televised so you guys can could see what really is said. Some of your "heros" would get exposed pretty quickly.

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