If or when MotoGP goes electric?

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Fri, 12/08/2017 - 10:11
Peter McLaren
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If or when MotoGP goes electric?

MotoGP is planning an electric support class which could debut in 2019. But do you think the main MotoGP class will - or should - have an all-electric future… and if so, when?

Perhaps hybrid technology is the answer, mixing some electric power while keeping the performance and sound of petrol? Or should MotoGP stay unashamedly fuel-powered to the end? It is, after all, a prototype class…

Which brings up the question of the production World Superbike and Supersport classes: As electric takes over road bikes, these classes would also need to reflect that change.

If grand prix doesn't feature at least some electric technology, is there a danger that manufacturers could switch their support to an electric World Supersport or even Superbike class, for example?

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