Keith Flint R.I.P

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Thu, 03/07/2019 - 11:25
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Keith Flint R.I.P

I dont care if you love him or hate him, the guy loved a bike!


Died the other day in an apparent suicide after his wife decided to hop it, and that's all that's known from what I can see. 


I cant say I have listened to anything since TFOTL, and the little snippets I have heard seemed pretty poor, though at least half the blame lays on Liam for production as far as im concerned, anyway I can only hope everyone (in the real world) just lets the music die and doesnt start some big bandwagon shit.


Pretty difficult to find out right now if he was running a team anywhere, I think he even left BSB alone at the end of 2017 (?)


Most people just arent on board with what they were in the 90's, but if I had a second love outside of bikes, its that time. Dont waste your time lobbing insults around, theres just no call for it.


Pheonix '96!!


R.I.P Brother!!!

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