Maverick’s Mistake?

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Thu, 03/29/2018 - 22:47
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Maverick’s Mistake?

DISCLAIMER: (1) I am a Rossi fan (2) If you’re a Rossi hater or fanboi, please refrain from posting in this thread, let’s keep things civil

I thought Maverick Vinales shoulda stayed with Suzuki. Not because I think much of Suzuki (I despise their halfass efforts). But because it’s notoriously difficult being Rossi’s teammate. 

It means you are a distant #2. He controls the garage, ALWAYS. Yamaha could’ve won the title last year had they stuck with Lorenzo’s bike. MV was DOMINATING on it. It’s pretty obvious that the development direction changed, and so did MV’s form. 

Rossi has most of the engineer’s attention. Meanwhile on race/test weekends Vinales is getting much less attention. He’s clearly frustrated. But he wont cause a stir. He seems to be taking the Hayden / Colin Edwards approach. 

The problem is that MV is not a #2. He is too talented to take a backseat. I think he needs to be in a garage where he is clearly the #1. He had that at Suzuki. He will NEVER get that at Yamaha. 

Nothing against Rossi. It’s just a fact, he’s ruthless and almost cannabalistic. Lorenzo and VR clashed because JLo wasnt gonna take a back seat. And Yamaha kept screwing up because they never could commit to who they wanted to be their #1. 

Maverick is wasting prime years of his career at the moment. 


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