Is motogp safe?

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Tue, 11/20/2018 - 13:40
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Is motogp safe?

Just watched the FIM gala prizegiving bash and it is apparent that the top men behind the sport are getting pretty ancient now. They won't last forever and there doesn't appear to be any successors, except perhaps Herve.

Hopefully there are others who are sensible enough to maintain the success without trying to make it into a ridiculous circus like F1.

More worrying though is the news that the investment company who actually own Dorna are looking to sell and the rumours suggest that another venture capital shower are interested. They are CVC, who used to own FOM and who sold to Liberty after sucking millions out the sport in cahoots with Ecclestone. They made a huge amount in F1 and it is likely they would look to repeat their success, turning motogp into a cash cow. I do hope not.

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