Nicky Hayden

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Fri, 04/12/2019 - 12:35
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Nicky Hayden

This weekend at COTA (Circuit of the Americas) in Austin Texas the #69 will be retired from use in the MotoGP class of Racing. This is a tribute to one of the greatest riders America has ever produced. Yes, there have been many famous champions from the USA but none served our flag better across the racing world.
The "Kentucky Kid" came from the roots of American Racing, dirt track and through sheer hard work, determination, and talent, and the efforts of his entire racing family rose to become World Champion in the class of the kings in 2006 in Valencia beating the one and only Valentino Rossi #VR46 in the process.
To an onlooker, he was another American always with a big smile, time for folks and laughing doing what he loved.
He was the epitome of Steve McQueen's quote "Racing is Life - anything before or after is just waiting around" and even when he was racing less competitive bikes gave it everything.
He is sadly missed but his spirit lives on around the world with memorials and dedicated tributes to the way he loved and lived life as a humble champion. I will miss this guy as he summed up what every rider thinks about racing the best bikes against the best people and representing his country
“I feel some pride and responsibility to keep carrying the flag and representing our country until we’re ready to develop some young talent to come in and take my place,”
It is a fine tribute that the first thing riders in every GP will see on the grid at COTA is a view of Hayden Hill into turn 1
- an awesome and daunting view.
The #69 will be retired but #NickyHayden #KentuckyKid will never be forgotten. R.I.P. (raceinpeace) my friend

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