Rear grip - The relentless search

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Wed, 04/04/2018 - 17:43
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Rear grip - The relentless search

Now is it just me or does this seem to come up ALL THE TIME?

I try to understand the delicate balancing act of front vs rear and the new swinging arms are trying to head in the direction of solving this by allowing less flex in certain areas to keep the rear planted - but surely - for arguments sake, say that Dani Pedrosa's bike has to be under the weight limit, why aren't teams using heavier back wheels? or a combination of movable weight distribution systems at the rear of the bike - just altering the angle of the swing arm won't do it as it will affect the other geometry so why not load the wheel at the point of the issue - and yes, I know it will affect changing of direction but with the rear planted the corner exit would have to get better at the sacrifice of a slower turn? and smooth matters too! - Discuss

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