Rossi exploiting the situation

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Mon, 04/09/2018 - 13:31
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Rossi exploiting the situation

What a hilarious race yesterday was.

At the start, you could have turned off the sound and instead played the Benny Hill (if under 30 look it up) theme tune.

Big Rossi fan myself, but have seen through his manipulation for years, and believe in 2015, he did a lot of that to himself because he listened to yes men and also became desperate.

Marquez is an arrogant kid....He is the greatest rider on the GP grid at the moment, and he knows it...He seems to believe he doesn't have to comply with the regulations...He's above them.

Rossi was like this too, maybe not at the same level, but definitely had the same arrogance towards bending rules and having them not apply to him.

So this "I'm scared to race Marquez"....from Rossi.

He is justifiably angry with the Marquez (knock into rider then say sorry) Style, but I also think he is trying to force a situtation where Marc is penalised because that will help his championship chances.

Don't get me wrong, Marquez as well as Canet should have had strong penalties slapped on them this weekend.

But I really think Rossi has seen this as an opportunity.

Marquez manipulated the situation in 2015...After Rossi shot himself in the foot and started calling him a liar at Sepang...Marquez reacting in that race, and then not racing in Valencia.

Marquez / Rossi...They are cut from the same cloth...They both try to hide who they really are through fake smiles.

MotoGP 2018 is going to be epic.


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