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Thu, 05/09/2019 - 13:21
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Silverstone will need more than resurfacing if its to solve its water problems.

some of the water carrying turns and straights will need major drainage work to carry the water away from the track and the amounts of materials needed will be considerable - no enormous - and they are starting in June to be ready for July F1?

some of the bumps on the infields section starting after the back straight and into Woodcote and gonna take some fixing too - so as the put it - "automated resurfacing is gonna be a spectacular success

Sounds like an Austin to me but i really hope not! - and Donington? Lets not go back to what is easily the most boring track in the UK, eh? 

Now what they should do is spend a fortune on Oulton park and let Cal show em the way round, - easily the best track in the UK - Fenati might have a chance there!

heres hoping they do an awesome job!




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