What's wrong with Johann Zarco? M1? Tires? him?

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Sat, 07/21/2018 - 16:04
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What's wrong with Johann Zarco? M1? Tires? him?

And suddenly, following Le Mans 2018, Johann Zarco went off the map...

Some of you will retort, it is not unusual for Zarco to have some less than glittery moments at times. He had those in Moto2 too. Being the top dog for a suite of races, and playing vanishing point in others, with no apparent reason for the change.

I read a lot of articles on Zarco, and in particular, the reports from Moto.it; their main journalist pins Zarco's late lackluster races responsibility to "himself"! he stated that Zarco was making the difference before, and he no longer seems to be doing it now. I disagree.

Zarco used to be the "soft tires" guy, in every circumstances, however I noticed he no longer favor that choice as he used to before. Is this a factor?

The factory M1 had, if giving credit to its pilots, problems with the "electronics". If these problems have been solved, they don't seem to have trickled down to the Tech3 M1. And for cause; the Tech3 engine is a 2017 issue, so I am going to tentatively say a program optimization to tune up the 2018 engine would not necessarily work for the 2017 one. But also, there maybe some other reason. And let me find my wording carefully. I am not suggesting that Yamaha has dumped Tech3 in any ways. I am thinking they are not going to spend research money for a team that will leave for the competition next year.

So what is happening to Zarco according to you guys? in recent posts, someone suggested that JZ5 has not changed, but the other bikes have evolved and his has not. And that is very much in the realm of the possibilities. However, JZ5 used to shine during the free practices, which are more open to any and every racer, since it only requires an intense and brief effort for the one lap. Since Le Mans, he has seldom been seen in free practice or qualifying.

JZ5 does not say much about what is happening, or the reason for his sudden lack of speed. This is the reason I am thinking it may not be entirely due to him.

What do you think?

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