Where will Pedrosa go after Honda?

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Fri, 06/08/2018 - 15:31
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Where will Pedrosa go after Honda?

I have no clue; I keep hearing about that possible M1 in a SIC team, but it seems more a dream than anything.

All the main seats are already taken, excepted for Aprilia's, which is sort of penciled for Andrea Iannone? or not?

I must admit that I am kind of sad for Dani. He never really got all the pieces together, and when he was almost there, he got some undeserved bad moments.

Last but not least, his fate was sealed by having Alberto Puig as team manager, who he had parted ways previously, and that certainly played a big part in his departure from the Repsol team.

Dani was such a promising rider before he stepped up to the top category. His small frame proved wonders in some cases, and possibly his own demise in others.

But more than anything else, he got these strings of bad luck which kept on until the end, and outside of the race track.

I mean, having the guy that you fired earlier coming back as lead of your team, this is a nightmare coming true...

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