Crash - you can F**k off with your forced Ads!!!!

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Fri, 12/07/2018 - 21:08
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Crash - you can F**k off with your forced Ads!!!!

I just tried 3 times to view an article - and three times instead Crash redirected me to another page entirely to try to force me to watch Ads for stuff I have absolutely NO interest in.

Advertisers - a message for you.  Even if I REALLY want whatever it is you are flogging - on principle I would do without whatever it was, rather than support any company thats willing to try and bully and try to force-feed me.

Any company that wants me as a consumer, and wants my disposable income is NEVER going to get it by annoying the fuck out of me.

As for you Crash - you are about as subtle as a brick in the face when it comes to the way you do this.  Here's a tip for you - all you do is piss people off and put them off your website altogether.  I expect Ads on the same page, and accept that the site has to earn money... but when its as heavy-handed as you lot do it - forcing people away from a page to something completely different - you're making yourselves look like total grasping bastards.

What suited wanker signed-off on an idea guaranteed to piss off every single visitor the site gets?  Whoever he is, I hope the fucker gets fired for Christmas.  Arsehole.

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