It's hard to believe that we are approaching the halfway point of the World Series by Renault season, but time has flown since we kicked off in Monza and we are now approaching the Hungaroring.

As expected, it's been a tough campaign so far, as the championship is proving to be very competitive, but I have enjoyed most of what has gone on, even if I am a little lower in the standings than I would have hoped.

As we head into the second half of the year, all I'm focusing on is trying to improve my qualifying pace. My race pace is always good, but I need to qualify higher up to make the most of that. We've still got some fantastic circuits to visit - Le Mans is new to me, so I'm really looking forward to that one, as I am to returning to Estoril, where I had a strong weekend in 2007 - so there is a lot to play for.

Our most recent outing was, of course, at Silverstone, which gave me the chance to race in front of my home crowd again. A year ago, I was lucky enough to realise the feeling of winning on home soil, at Donington Park, and, even though there was no repeat this time, from a racing point of view, Silverstone was fantastic.

I found myself having a lot of wheel-to-wheel battles in both races at Silverstone. Even though it's is a very wide circuit, it is still very difficult to overtake, as I found out when I passed Charles Pic with all four wheels on the grass going down the Hangar Straight!

The results may not have gone out way, but the support that all the British drivers got was unreal. During the pit-lane walkabout, we couldn't move, but it was a lot of fun and a fantastic atmosphere. I think Silverstone did a mega job and I'm sure every single spectator enjoyed it. I think the total attendance figure was 110,000, and I must say it really makes a difference to have that many people cheering you on.

Racing at home means a lot to any driver but, for me, when I don't get that many chances to return to my 'real' home in Jersey, it means a lot more to get support from the British fans.

Jersey was a great place to grow up, but starting racing meant leaving the island and moving to the UK when I was 15. I normally go back at Christmas and for a couple of weeks during the summer but, apart from that, I only really get the chance to go back for meetings with current and potential sponsors.

Having said that, I went back last week as I've been asked to demonstrate my current Fortec Motorsport car on the island this August. It will be part of an annual event that the island has hosted since 1906, and the team and I will be doing a day and night demonstration, so it's going to be really exciting. It's a great honour to be involved and a great chance for me to be able to show people what it's all about, and for them to get close to the action.

It will also be a good opportunity to do something a little different with my time - even though driving the race car will still play a large part. Since I moved up to the World Series by Renault, I've realised how important fitness is and, although I go up to the Fortec workshop once or twice a week, most of my time is spent concentrating on training. I work with a company called Formula Fitness in Oxford, and they look after me, making sure that I'm ready for every weekend.

That training should be put to good use at the next round of the championship in Hungary. In 2007, the Budapest round was a turning point for me as it was where I scored my first World Series points, and it seems to suit the way I drive, as it's a very challenging and physical circuit.

Last year's Hungarian race was tough for all the drivers as the temperatures soared into the nineties, but it was the race where I really got on top of the World Series car and started to show my true pace. Although it was my first visit to Budapest, I immediately took to the circuit, which has been described as being like Monaco, but without the barriers.

Of course, I am hoping that the form I showed there last year carries over, as I really want to make sure we have a good weekend after the disappointment of Silverstone. The team and I can't wait to get out there and start testing on Thursday. I think we've got a good chance to do well. The start to the year has been up and down for me, so I need to turn things around now.

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