Both Bertrand Baguette and Marco Bonanomi have hit out at Marcos Martinez after he was responsible for their demise in the first World Series by Renault race of the weekend in Estoril.

Bonanomi started from pole position, with Baguette alongside him, but Martinez clipped both cars coming into the tight first corner. Putting Bonanomi out on the spot, Baguette lasted only one more lap before pulling in with a punctured rear tyre.

Martinez, on the other hand, continued out in front, the Spaniard leading until a mistake allowed Fabio Carbone to take the win. Nonetheless, the Pons Racing driver went on to finish a career-equalling second, only to be given a 25-second penalty after the race, dropping him to 11th.

"His manoeuvre was quite simply incomprehensible", Baguette said. "Apart from running us off I can't really see what he was hoping to achieve! My rear tyre was deflated, and my rear aileron was broken! And on top of that Martinez carried on as if nothing had happened!"

Going on to finish fifth in the second race, Bonanomi echoed Baguette's views, the Italian disappointed not to get a good result on a weekend that saw the Comtec team down to just one car for the weekend.

"Fifth place isn't something to trash away, but I'm a little disappointed for how we ended up after such a convincing start. A podium spot could have definitely been in our frame on both days. On Race 1, I was hit with no apparent reason by Martinez, while on Race 2 my car progressively lost grip, forcing me to lose a couple of spots and settle for 5th."



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