GP2 is back, and it is looking more competitive than ever, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is the year that I have to be fighting for the championship - and win it.

You can't keep coming back, and the chance and backing I have this year with Racing Engineering, Telefonica and Repsol, well, that's the reason I can even race this year.

All we need to do now is sort everything out and challenge for the championship - it's as easy, and difficult, as that!

In comparison to last year, I think it's going to be just as hard, or even harder to win races. There are a lot of young drivers coming up from the lower championships and you just don't know how they'll cope. Also, the teams have all got experience and should be much closer to each other. But, hopefully, when we get to the tracks, things like half-hour qualifying will favour the drivers who have been there and done it, like me! I still think that this year will be extremely tough, though.

ART and Lewis Hamilton have been quick, as has my old rival Nelson Piquet Jr, so I have no doubt that they'll be running at the front. But there are so many others too.

The cars are a little bit different to last year as well, with the slick tyres and the reduction of rear downforce meaning that we are 18 per cent lighter at the back, and yet we are still going three seconds a lap faster quicker.

The rear has been more difficult to get to grips with, as have the cars in general. The set-up of the cars and the way they handle means that the tyres are not lasting very long - the rears disappear quite quickly, but the front is very strong.

We have lots of new things to get used to but, generally, it's much more snappy and, basically, you've got to hold on tight!

Hopefully, my fitness will give me an advantage this year. I spent the winter getting in shape with my trainer, Karl Bickley, and, since the cars are much tougher to drive, I know that will help in that department.

I know that some other drivers went off to A1 Grand Prix over the winter, which may have helped to keep them sharp, but I didn't mind the break as it gave me a chance to do some F1 winter testing with Honda and work on my fitness.

Now I'm just looking forward to the start of the season. Testing has been frustrating and I just want to be at the front all the time - hopefully, that will happen. We've got some work to do, but I've got all the confidence to think that, soon, we'll be at the front.