Drivers:Adam Carroll (Racing Engineering), Lewis Hamilton (ART Grand Prix), Alex Premat (ART Grand Prix).

Questions from the floor

One question to all three drivers. Surprisingly there is quite hot weather conditions for Silverstone, do you think that will have any effect for the race?

Lewis Hamilton:
Just that we're going to be sweating our nuts off. That's about it.

Adam Carroll:
Exactly, that's what I was just thinking. But like Alex said, the tyres really don't last
long here. It's a hard lap. We're just going to see what happens. But there'll be plenty of sweating done.

Alex Premat:
Yeah, the same as both of them.

A question for you Lewis, you seem very laid back. Do you get nervous before races, and if you do, how do you handle it?

I'm quite fortunate in that I don't get nervous at all. I think every driver has that little bit of nerves just before the start, but it as soon as the engine starts up it seems to disappear and you just get on with your job.



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