The 30-minute GP2 qualifying session in Monaco on Thursday afternoon was a litany of mistakes, crashes, and fast laps getting wrecked by other cars slowing down in front of them.

Many fans watching on were shocked by the quality of driving on display - and it seems their low view of things is very much shared by the race stewards, who were not satisfied by merely handing out grid position penalties to those primarily involved, but wanted to make a general declaration of dissatisfaction to the entire GP2 field.

A statement issued by the stewards late on Thursday said:

One is accustomed at Monaco to competitors slowing at Rascasse in order to create space between themselves and the preceding competitor.

What is not expected is that competitors should slow not only as Rascasse but as far back as the entry to the Swimming Pool, such that a competitor endeavouring to set a time is confronted with a queue of much slower competitors for a considerable part of the lap.

The stewards consider this practice as unacceptable, potentially dangerous, and it is this that has contributed to an unnecessarily problematical qualifying session which did not do justice to the GP2 Series.

The stewards also explained that the penalties they did hand out - to Giedo van der Garde, Marcus Ericsson and Romain Grosjean for causing collisions - were halved to only five grid positions from the usual ten because they were not the only ones to blame, and that those they crashed into had to take their share of responsibilty too.

Penalties have been issued in respect of three drivers each of whom collided with the rear of other competitors whilst endeavouring to set a qualifying time.

The penalties so applied are of a lesser degree than those normally applied for the offence of causing a collision.

The reason for this is that the stewards consider other competitors must also share some of the responsibility.



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