Time's up! Voting for the Crash.net GP2 Driver of the Year for 2013 is now closed.

We know what it's like - you mean to get around to something, but then other things happen and it slips out of your mind until it's too late, right? Unfortunately, if you haven't done so already, then you're now too late to vote for the Crash.net 2013 GP2 Driver of the Year.

It was your chance to hand down your verdict on the top 20 GP2 drivers and their performances during the season. While Fabio Leimer and Sam Bird made it a two-horse race coming into the final weekend of the season at Abu Dhabi, it certainly hadn't started that way when it had been Stefano Coletti and Felipe Nasr setting up what looked to be unassailable leads over the first half of the year only to falter during the summer. There's also James Calado who pipped Nasr for third place, Marcus Ericsson overcoming a dreadful first half of the season to end up a respectable sixth place, or one of the many first time winners we've had in 2013, including Jon Lancaster, Robin Frijns, Nathanael Berthon, Adrian Quaife-Hobbs and Alexander Rossi?

We really want to know who you thought did above and beyond the call of duty and beat all expectations in the 2013 GP2 Series championship, and in the next few days we'll be unveiling how you voted, giving each of the 20 eligible drivers on a score ranging from one (meaning you thought that they had a poor season) to ten (meaning an excellent or outstanding year) depending on how impressed you were with their performances this year. How you decided on the marks and what criteria you used was entirely up to you.

We'll be unveiling the top ten as determined by the final average score of each driver in the run-up to the holidays. In the meantime, don't forget that you can also share your thoughts and opinions on the drivers and why you voted the way you did simply by clicking on the 'Post your comments' link below.



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