Monaco F3000 polesitter David Saelens has had his knuckles wrapped for his part in last Saturday's first corner accident.

The Belgian, who threw away his first category pole with a bad start at the Nurburgring two weeks early - and then caused a pile-up by attempting to regain places at the chicane, collided with rookie Sebastien Bourdais at Ste devote in the F1 support race last weekend.

Both drivers naturally insisted that they were in the right, but the FIA has since taken a dim view of Saelens attempts to maintain his advantage in the face of pressure from his French rival. Bourdais was fractionally ahead turning into the right-hander, but Saelens bundled him aside and somehow managed to rejoin in fourth place. Bourdais was out on the spot.

''Bourdais made a better start than me,'' the Belgian admitted, ''but he hesitated before reaching the corner. He left a gap, I went for it and then he turned in.''

Bourdais took the opposite view, claiming that, despite a pre-race agreement that the pair would not make contact, Saelens had no intention of conceding the corner. His opinion was backed up by most of the paddock including, interestingly, Saelens Super Nova boss, David Sears.



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