After finishing as runner-up in the German F3 championship 2000, Alex M?ller used his experience to move to the front in the Euro F3000 series this year.

The German drove one of the series' control Lola-Zytek combinations for the Italian Ghinzani team, having run with it in the junior competition the previous year, and claimed that familiarity was one of the factors which helped him make steady progress throughout 2001.

"It was not always easy, especially as the difference in performance in this category, which is actually supposed to
be a controlled category, was quite considerable," he admitted, "In these circumstances, I can be quite satisfied with third place overall among 24 drivers."

The Euro series was given a boost in the 2001 season and, having been previously run as the Italian championship, added rounds in Great Britain, Belgium, Germany and Spain to become a true feeder formula for the senior FIA competition. The variety of venues was reflected in internationality of the starting field, as drivers from various countries competed in the eight races. Unusually, M?ller was the only German representative in the class, which was marked by its close competition.

"In qualifying, most drivers are within a few tenths of a second," Muller revealed.

With a year of F3000 competition under his belt, M?ller plans to return to the new-look FIA International F3000 stage next season, but said that he hoped that the rules would be better implemented under the gaze of the attending Formula One bosses.

"This season was an experience for me and now, I will try to prepare myself in the best possible way for next year," he explained, "I hope that I will find real control chassis, engines and tyres there, and that scrutineering will be at an international level. I expect the same of the organisation. International FIA regulations should be obeyed, and it shouldn't be possible just to ignore the flag signals to get an advantage, as I have seen this season."

Felipe Massa, the commanding winner of the Euro F3000 crown, will line up with Sauber in Formula One next year.



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