The first round of the 2003 Euro 3000 Championship, scheduled to take place this weekend at Estoril, will not now take place, following a late decision to cancel the event.

Notification of the cancellation, which was decided upon by circuit representatives after they failed to attract a backer for the event, was only communicated to the organising body - International Promotions - at the beginning of the week, which coincided with the Easter holiday. Each team also received a copy of the fax, which did not give in-depth reasoning for the cancellation, and have had to cancel travel arrangements made several months in advance.

Estoril has a history of cancelling F3000 events, having done so with the FIA Championship round several years ago when the series ran independently to the F1 circus it currently supports. In place of the deleted event, the IP organisation has re-instated the Nurburgring's 4 May event, which will now open the season. The rest of the calendar is unchanged.


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