Although 'hedge fund' specialist Quadriga only recently became the main sponsor of the renamed Superfund Euro 3000 series, great changes are already in progress for the forthcoming season.

A press conference at the final round of 2003 in Cagliari revealed further changes planned for the successful series, with the main goal of the overhaul being to implement major marketing measures. For 2004, the championship will put a strong focus on active commercialisation, including broad spread of international live television, print and other media coverage.

The sponsors also want to ensure that at least 20 cars will compete in the upcoming season. Due to new regulations for 2004, the teams will have the opportunity to race with any number of cars, rather than being restricted to a maximum of two, allowing the wealthier squads to boost the overall grid. One team has already announced that it intends to participate with four cars, while two other teams have hinted that they may be running three.

The winner of the 2004 Euro 3000 title will also be awarded a superlicence, making him or her eligible for a seat in Formula One. A considerable number of young racers have now expressed an interest in contesting the series, which will also boast a revised prize fund, with the top three finishers in each race awarded EUR10,000, EUR5000 and EUR3000 respectively.


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