Although the FIA F3000 Championship approaches its last ever race at Monza this weekend, the category will not disappear altogether next year as the Euro3000 series intends to carry on acting as a feeder formula to the higher echelons - albeit with a completely new design and engine philosophy.

Backers Superfund are determined to take on the nascent GP2 and reworked World Series by Renault series, and has already commissioned a new car on which to base its vision. The prototype has recently completed its aerodynamic development in the windtunnel, and full details - including the specification and the name of the manufacturer - will be released at the end of the month.

"While we cannot release details of the new car ahead of the official announcement, we can confirm we will be unveiling an exciting and innovative new design, powered by a V10 engine with 650-700bhp," a teaser statement issued by the series revealed, "The new car will offer a high-tech, low-maintenance, affordable race package for teams."

The announcement also confirmed that there will be a minimum of ten races on the 2005 calendar, with the focus on street circuits and one non-championship oval race. All races will also include compulsory pit-stops, which they currently do not. The full calendar is to be confirmed with the presentation of the new car.

"The focus will be on creating an action-packed, fun-filled, exciting race weekend for fans, spectators and drivers alike, with live entertainment, music, support series and new race tracks," the statement continued, "The aim is also to make the series more interactive to reinforce the strong relationship between teams, drivers, fans and the organisation."

The current Euro3000 series, which runs largely on road courses, continues this weekend, at Dijon in France.


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