GP2 Series points leader Lewis Hamilton insists that he is not feeling too much added pressure in the run-up to the final three races of the season, despite Nelson Piquet Jr having trimmed his advantage to just six points.

The Briton limited the damage in race one at Istanbul Park on Saturday, claiming second place from fifth on the grid, but insists that he has yet to test either himself or his rival in direct confrontation.

"Unfortunately, we didn?EUR(TM)t have the best position in qualifying," he said of the Turkish feature, "The session went quite well, getting better and better, and I think, at the end, we had the car to be on the front row, but unfortunately I didn't finish the last lap, in which I had set the fastest first sector. I just needed to improve the mid-sector and, in doing that, I made a small mistake and didn't get the lap. I think we had the speed to be on the first row, but whether or not we would have been as fast as Nelson, I don?EUR(TM)t know.

"However, to come from fifth was really good for us. We needed more points, as Nelson is getting very close., but it was good because we had quite good pace. I think I was catching him by two tenths of a second a lap before the first pit-stop, but then we had a problem with the right rear and I think we lost five seconds. Then, when I came out, I was held up by Tahinci for maybe a lap and lost another second or so.

"I think, when Nelson came out, he was two-and-a-half seconds ahead and, if circumstances had been different, maybe I would have been ahead. With Nelson having so much speed, though, it would have been a good battle. We are yet to have a wheel-to-wheel battle."

Despite wanting to take Piquet on in a direct fight, however, Hamilton admitted that he would take each situation as it comes, with one eye still on his slim championship advantage.

"You have to be sensible, you have to be professional - you can?EUR(TM)t just start thinking it?EUR(TM)s the end of the season...," he insisted, "Obviously, you can have a good battle, but it?EUR(TM)s not okay to make any silly moves. Even in this race, I could see him before the pit-stop and, for a time, I thought 'maybe I can catch him, maybe we?EUR(TM)ll have a good battle'. We are yet to have that battle, but maybe tomorrow or in Monza...

"The pressure is on both of us now, although whether or not it's more on Nelson than it is on me, I don?EUR(TM)t know. I?EUR(TM)m still in the lead, I still have the points, but I think the pressure is on both of us. Neither of us can make mistakes, we need every point that we can get. All you can do is go into the race and try to keep the car on the track, especially on Saturday because you need to have a reasonably good position so you can score points in the second race."



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