Christian Bakkerud insists he will be fit for the Turkish round of the GP2 Series despite experiencing a reoccurrence of a trapped nerve in his back that has stunted his maiden season in the championship.

Bakkerud was forced to pull out of the Hungaroring sprint race after being admitted to hospital with the same problem that has afflicted him since the Spanish round and has since returned to his native Denmark in an attempt to ease the situation.

Although Bakkerud insists he will be in the DPR car in Turkey, he admits he is concerned about the long-term affects of his injury.

"It's always really worrying when something like this happens, especially a second time. Not only that, it has also been indescribably painful! We made some progress with my car in Hungary and I can't even begin to describe how disappointed I was when I realised what had happened to my back again.

"I saw a Doctor in Hungary after the race and I was given some injections in my back but there was no way I could start on Sunday morning and to be honest, it wasn't worth risking it. I have now spent time in Denmark with a super medical team at Team Danmark and with their help I'm a lot better.

"Of course I'm not 100% but I understand and know now how we can keep improving things with a good training programme, sports massage, a new race seat, a new HANS device.

"Next on the programme is an MRT scan before I head to Turkey. It's important this time to do a lot of research and find out in detail what has happened but I will also get a second opinion to prevent this from happening again or getting worse .

"I think I have done all I can for now and as I have mentioned before, I'm not back to 100% form but we are getting there and I hope the Turkish Grand Prix weekend is a good one for me!"


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