Brumos Racing secured a dramatic win in the Rolex 24 at Daytona, with David Donohue bringing the #58 car home to victory by the smallest margin in the history of the event. spoke to the winner to see how he felt afterwards...
David, you took pole position by the smallest of margins and the winning margin couldn't have been much smaller. How do you feel right now?

David Donohue:
I don't really know what to say. I'm so proud of our guys and what might get lost in the stories is that as a team, we finished first and third. That speaks volumes for the preparation we have done and the people we have involved in all this.

We hadn't touched the cars since we rolled off the trucks apart from a bit of a gear change so we did our homework, came here to win and executed it just like Buddy Rice said [in the press conference].
You say you didn't have to do much to the cars here this weekend so hard have the guys worked over the winter to prepare for this event?

David Donohue:
We had done a lot of preparation for the event, make no mistake about it. We had done something in the area of 3,000 test miles just here at Daytona so if we unloaded and needed to make a load of changes then we wouldn't be a very sharp group of people. That isn't the case.

The team was really methodical during the test days and Darren [Law] did the bulk of the testing with Joao Barbosa and JC France. They got it tuned right and we could carry it to the chequered flag.
How tough were conditions with the heat and the yellow flags which meant you couldn't build a lead?

David Donohue:
I don't think the temperature was too bad, especially for the fans watching on. We thought it would be colder during the night which could have been difficult as cold tyres could have caused havoc. The pace of the race was flat out from the drop of the green flag and you always talk of this event as a 24 hour sprint race. That is said tongue in cheek as that's how it begins but rarely how it finished. But this was flat freaking out to the end!
It's rare to see two cars so close together at the end of a 24 hour race and quite often the leader can back off a bit to conserve fuel and nurse the car home, so how did the pressure increase knowing Juan Montoya was so close behind?

David Donohue:
It was a lot of pressure. I was panicking, not so much because of Juan as I didn't care who was driving the other car. I just wanted to bring it home for our team and I have said it before, our job as drivers take up very little time compared to the work and effort our team puts in just to get us here.

We get all the accolades and all the attention and we are the guys who do the interviews and get on TV, but it doesn't do justice for the dirty, nasty work the guys have to do through the night and back at the shop. When we wreck the car they have to give us a pat on the back and fix them and these cars are nice cars when they start out. When you bring it back in a ball, they must be pretty ticked off but these guys just put it back together and move on.
Your father has his name on the winners trophy, so how does it rank in your own career to join him on the winners list?

David Donohue:
I think it'll sink in over time. I'm more proud of my team and this effort. It's coincidental that it is 40 years from his overall win and it's nice, but I like to make my own history. I'd like it to start now with a heavy bunch of wins and championships to be honest with you.



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