Duncan Dayton had a scare or two at Daytona International Speedway as the PAP Parts FABCAR BMW made its debut in the Grand American Rolex Series during the Grand American Champions Weekend.

Dayton and team-mate Steve Southard ended up ninth in the Daytona Prototype class, and 27th overall, in the 2hr 45min race, while the third driver listed on the entry sheet, Chip Vance, ended up driving one of the team's other cars.

Dayton started the race, but had a problem with his brake pedal before the event was a half-hour old.

"First the brake pedal was sticking in the chicane, and finally it jammed completely," he explained later, "It was the brake bias bar. I went off at the first part of the Bus Stop, and then, a few laps later, it jammed completely and I went off in the Kink. It really scared me."

Somehow Dayton got back to the pits, where the crew used a pry bar to remedy the situation.

As with most new race cars, a lot of gremlins reared their heads in the BMW-powered Fabcar's debut.

"You can't slide it at all," Dayton noted, "It had an understeer and then, when the tyres started to wear, it went off in the rear. I went to full stiff on the front, but it was still loose. It was sideways a lot and really almost impossible to drive."

The Florida heat also complicated things, but the ever-chipper Dayton remained optimistic.

"To improve the aerodynamics, the team stuck foam in the vents before the race, so I was roasting in there," Dayton said, "I bet it was 150 degrees in the car today. Still, the BMW power was great and the team worked hard. After the bugs are worked out, this car will be right there."



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