Spirit of Daytona Racing hit drama in the Rolex 24 at Daytona after the #09 Porsche Coyote went up in smoke during a pit-stop with little over three hours remaining.

Guy Cosmo had brought the car into pit road to hand over to Scott Russell, but a fuel spillage as the bike racer climbed onboard saw a flash fire ignite.

Russell was able to quickly climb from the car as fire marshals attended to the flames before the car was dragged back behind the pit wall.

"Guy came in and was back over the wall and I had climbed in and got my arms into the belts," Russell said. "I could smell fuel and then it suddenly flamed up. Luckily I wasn't belted in properly so I was able to dive out and the guys did a great job to put it out.

"Everyone is okay, but I feel really bad for all the guys."

Prior to the fire, the team had run with a problem on the car which meant the drivers weren't able to make use of the cool suit, which had made conditions difficult on track.

"We had an issue which meant that the helmet blower and the cool suit weren't working so it was really hot in the car," Russell continued. "Luckily, it turned dark quickly and it cooled down a bit but that was one of the hardest stints of a race I've done.

"The guys did a great job and kept us running but it looks like its all come to an end now. It's been a great experience though, thank you for having me."

Russell's comments were a little premature, with the team having managed to repair the car and send him on his way.



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