Xtrac has followed the lead established by IndyCar Series partner Dallara in the run-up to Christmas by agreeing to slash the cost of its technical contribution to the championship.

The IRL's exclusive gearbox supplier has responded to the global economic downturn by passing on reduced prices - more than 50 per cent in one case - to teams for the 2009 season.

The company's end-of-season price review was waived, and the service charge for the Assisted Gearchange System - a pneumatic paddleshift system - has been cut by more than half. Further savings will be forthcoming with an extended AGS service life and the '09 software update at no cost.

"We have been a part of the IRL formula since 2000, and we are willing to share in the pain of the economic crisis," said managing director Peter Digby, "In some cases, we will be offering savings of over 15 per cent, plus reduced AGS service costs and intervals. This is a big step."

A current 7.5 per cent volume discount for spare gearbox parts COD orders will be expanded to between 7.5 per cent and 15 per cent for a range of gearbox consumables, including gear ratios and dog rings from the start of May.

"I think it shows what a great partner the Indy Racing League has in Xtrac," said Brian Barnhart, IRL president of competition and operations, "In these economic times, to help reduce the costs of participation in the IndyCar Series is quite a gesture on their behalf."

Chassis supplier Dallara Automobili reduced prices on parts by 8-20 per cent In December.



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