Just one day before learning that the man who replaced him at Kelley Racing for two races in 2002, Tony Renna, had been killed testing at Indianapolis, Al Unser Jr was in a much happier mood as he was released from hospital after suffering injuries in an off-road accident.

The 41 year-old double Indy 500 winner was released from an Albuquerque hospital on Tuesday after suffering fractures to his pelvis when he became trapped under his ATV over the weekend.

"I fractured my pelvis in three places," Unser said. "If I was still a kid, I'd probably have been OK, but at age 41, I knew when I stood up that something wasn't quite right on my left side. I couldn't support myself with my left leg.

"Fortunately, none of the fractures went through the entire bone. The damage didn't warrant surgery, so assuming the next round of x-rays show everything is still properly aligned; I'll begin a six to eight week program of water aerobics to regain my strength. My goal is to be back in a racecar in seven weeks. The chances of that happening, and me racing next season, are very good."



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