Although the North American single seater racing scene as a whole is struggling to put more than 20 cars on any grid apart from Indianapolis, sponsors are still getting their monies worth out of the exposure given to them by the Indy Racing League according to the latest figures.

Indy Racing League IndyCar Series team, driver, event and league sponsors received more than $227,500,000 of visual and/or verbal recognition during the league's 2003 television broadcasts on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2, according to the Joyce Julius and Associates, Inc.'s Sponsors Report.

In total, 672 sponsors received visual and/or verbal recognition during the 2003 IndyCar Series race broadcasts.

Collectively, the sponsors amassed 47 hours, 35 minutes and 59 seconds of clear, in focus exposure time, 2,410 verbal references and $227,521,380 of comparable value in 22 telecasts that included the 16-race IndyCar Series schedule as well as Pole Day, Second-Day Qualifying and Bump Day coverage of the Indianapolis 500.

The total in-focus exposure time of 47:35:59 showed a 10.7 percent increase from the 2002 total of 42:59:56. Sponsor mentions rose 12.7 percent in 2003, from 2,138 to 2,410, and the total value based on cost per 30 seconds rose 22.8 percent, from $185,345,845 in 2002. The series showed a marked increase in exposure value for its sponsors despite reduction in the total number of telecasts from 24 in 2002 to 22 this past season.

In addition, the per broadcast average value increased by 33.9 percent from $10,341,880 in 2003 versus $7,722,745 in 2002.

The annual report contains year-end exposure for all entities. During each broadcast, all clear, in-focus exposure time was monitored and tabulated in the Sponsors Report. In addition, mentions of a sponsors or entity's name or product were counted and valued.

To determine a dollar value for each sponsor's exposure, on-screen time and mentions were compared to a network's estimated cost per 30-second commercial rate for each particular telecast.

"The Sponsors Report results follow directly in line with the Indy Racing League's steady growth and momentum," said Ken Ungar, senior vice president of business affairs for the IRL. "Sponsors are an integral part of the league's success, and we are very pleased to see our league, team, driver and event sponsors doing so well in this report."

Team sponsors accounted for 57.8 percent of the total comparable value earned by all entities. The team sponsor category numbered 240 and was responsible for $131,471,535 worth of comparable value via 29:21:05 and 557 mentions.

Meanwhile, 432 series and event sponsors shared $96,049,845 worth of comparable value as a result of 18:14:54 and 1,853 verbal references.

The top team sponsor receiving exposure during the 2003 season was Target, with 2:26:32 of in-focus exposure, 112 mentions and $12,132,045 of comparable value.

Andretti Green Racing's 7-Eleven sponsorship totalled $10,113,990 of comparable value with 2:00:42 of exposure and 44 mentions, while Pennzoil was third with $6,313,015 of comparable value with 1:51:46 of exposure and 63 verbal references.

The Indianapolis 500 led the way among events with $88,935,400 of comparable value with 3:31:59 of in-focus exposure time and 227 mentions.

Among series and event sponsors, Chevrolet led the way with report highs in on screen time (3:20:39), mentions (377) and comparable exposure value ($15,670,380). Honda followed with $14,035,320 of comparable exposure value from 2:39:06 and 203 sponsor mentions, and Toyota was third among series and event sponsors with 1:53:12 of exposure time, 262 mentions and $1,116,200 in value.

Firestone followed with a value total of $9,261,665 with 2:02:06 of exposure time and 184 mentions.

The Sponsors Report provides comprehensive documentation of in-broadcast brand exposure during sports, special event, and entertainment television programming. Offered by Joyce Julius and Associates since 1985, the Sponsors Report has become the most recognized name in television exposure valuation.



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