The Barber Dodge Pro Series has announced that Scot Elkins has been appointed as its new race engineer.

Elkins, a former Robert Yates Racing race engineer and test team manager for the number 88 Ford Taurus, will oversee data acquisition on the fleet of Reynard-Dodges and will provide data analysis for all series drivers and driver coaches. He will also engineer the remaining BDPS winter test days at Sebring International Raceway in January, February and early March.

"A big part of what drew me to Barber Dodge and the Reynard is the challenge of engineering a single make, where there is a wide range of drivers with varying levels of experience," Elkins said. "It's a wholly different, and exciting, opportunity for me.

"In Cup racing, the challenge is to be as clever as possible within the framework of the rules. Here, much of what I need to do is help make each driver as fast as he or she is capable of. That's not only fun, it's very rewarding, in a different way."

Steve Sewell, vice president of motorsport development for Barber Dodge believes the series will benefit from Elkins' input.

"Scot is a terrific addition to our engineering team," he said. "His experience in pre-race set-up will be invaluable to our newer drivers. All I can say is, 'Barber Dodge drivers, take advantage of a terrific asset!'"

His view is echoed by Barber Dodge director Rick Ratajczak who thinks the new race engineer will prove to be a good signing.

"An often overlooked aspect to being a great race engineer is how well they interact and communicate with the drivers," he said. "Scot's an excellent communicator, and that's what makes him even more valuable to us."



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