It remained unpredictable to the very last moment, but Open Wheel Racing Series emerged from the Indianapolis court-house with enough assets to run the Champ Car World Series for 2004 in its pocket.

Judge Frank Otte's decision to award the assets to OWRS, despite a far lower bid being received than that from the rival Indy Racing League, means that the Champ Car World Series will continue to run in opposition to the oval-only IRL this season, rather than being forced out of business or into a 'merger'.

But what do you think of the decision...?

We at would like to know what you make of the situation as it stands after Judge Otte's ruling and, as always, no subject is out of bounds. However, here are a few questions to get you going...

Has the judge made the right decision for US racing?
Would one open-wheel series be better than two?
Can the OWRS succeed in restoring Champ Car's reputation?
What exactly did the IRL have in mind should it have won the bidding?

Please send your comments to:

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