When Eddie Cheever stepped out of the driving seat at the start of the 2003 season, he wasn't ready to close the book on his career as an IRL IndyCar Series driver - but don't count on seeing Cheever climbing behind the wheel of a car any time soon.

"I'm a race car driver until about twelve o'clock - then I get into the office and the telephone starts lighting up and you have meetings and deals to do," Cheever, the 1998 Indianapolis 500 champion, said this week.

The former F1 driver will field cars for IRL series veteran Alex Barron and Bombardier Rookie of the Year candidate Ed Carpenter in 2004, and has also expressed an interest in fielding a third Chevrolet-powered entry for the Indianapolis 500. Cheever said he hadn't decided on a driver for a potential third entry, but denied that he could be in the running.

"When you see the cars running around, of course you want to jump in it and see how it runs and measure yourself up against others," said the 45-year old, "But I think that the drivers we have now in our team are doing a great job and they are putting a lot of effort into it - a lot more effort than I would be able to put into it."



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