Injured Indy Racing League star Kenny Brack has reiterated his intention to return to racing, but has again urged caution until after he completes the latest track test in his recuperation from last year's Texas accident.

Speaking exactly a year on from the horrifying flip that left him on the edge of death, the Swede confirmed that he has another test lined up, and that he would use that to evaluate his condition with a view to returning to competition next season. He suffered broken ribs, ankles, back and leg in the incident with Tomas Scheckter at last season's finale, and spent considerable time in hospital as a result of both the initial injuries and ensuing complications. However, his recovery was swift enough to see him back in an Indycar for a test at Richmond in June.

"The last time I tested, I concluded that, although we were extremely competitive in terms of lap times and stuff like that, I still felt that I really wasn't fit enough to drive one of these cars in a race," Brack admitted, "We went to Richmond, because it is the most brutal track on the schedule in terms of physical demands, and, after the test, I felt because you've got to be extremely fit to do 250 laps around Richmond, I just wasn't strong enough.

"I've said this before, but I always felt like a cat. You can throw me out the window of the third floor, and I will land on my feet - I will be okay. But, at [Richmond], it felt like I probably wouldn't land on my feet. It felt like I wasn't ready for that type of abuse.

"But that was in June. Obviously, a few months have gone by now, and I've gotten stronger and stronger. My plan now is to get in a car again sometime in November and evaluate how my condition is at this moment."

Brack went on to insist that the accident hadn't put him off the thought of dicing with rivals at speeds in excess of 200mph, but would not return until he was physically able to ensure both his own safety and that of the drivers he would be on track with.

"I hadn't planned to stop racing at this point - I had planned a few more years because I feel I'm still very competitive," he explained, "I've been running up front in races, won races a lot in the past, and I still feel that I have race wins in me. Obviously, I want to continue.

"At the same time, though, I'm not going to force the issue unless I feel that I am ready and can be competitive. That's what I'm trying to learn from these tests. It's easy to sit from the sidelines and say "yeah, I'm ready - I can go in a car". You've got to put yourself in the environment, and take the decision with that fresh in mind because that's what you're going to be up against when you go into the competition. You're up against guys that are extremely fit and fully committed to get good results. You're going to have to be on the same level as other competitors to be competitive."

Asked whether he still suffered any after-effects from his injuries, Brack admitted that he was never likely to be completely free of problems.

"I don't think after breaking that many bones you're going to go completely back to normal and not feel a thing from it," he said wistfully, "I broke both ankles. One of them was crushed, and that ankle is very stiff sometimes. If I get a little cold or something, then I can feel that joint really stiffening up. All in all, I'm in pretty good shape, but I can still feel small things like that - and probably always will."

Even though he has a test lined up with the Rahal Letterman team with which he was driving at the time of his accident, Brack revealed that it was not certain that he would return to competition with the squad, even though that was his wish.

"Next year is up in the air for me at this point," he confirmed, "Obviously, Team Rahal has been behind me all the way, and my hope is to find a solution for the future with them, especially if the test goes well. But there are those questions that remain to be answered in due course. There is no point dealing with those questions until you know whether you can and want to go into this type of competition again.

"The team has been extremely loyal to me during this difficult period, and everybody at Team Rahal Letterman has been extremely supportive - from Bobby, David Letterman, Scott Roembke to all the engineers and mechanics. I would, of course, prefer to find a solution to be their driver for the next year, as was planned from the beginning, but that remains to be seen.

"I don't have any answers on that yet. It's not something that I am spending too much time thinking about at this point, because I want to make sure that I am ready for this type of competition, and I feel 100 per cent for doing this and am willing to put in the effort it takes to be competitive. That's the first thing I need to answer, and then I will worry about the other stuff later."



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