After a promising start to the Champ Car Grand Prix of Portland that saw Justin Wilson and AJ Allmendinger lead the #9 and #10 cars to green for the first all-RuSPORT front-row, there were mixed results for the team as Allmendinger secured another top five but Wilson was forced out of the race.

Wilson has led 43 laps of the race when he was forced to park his car up after suffering an internal drive failure on lap 45, leaving the Brit understandably disappointed.

"I'm really disappointed and in a bit of a state of disbelief, really," he said. "The car was fantastic and everything was going to plan; I was really almost in a cruise mode. The car was so good in fact that the walk back to pits was harder on me than driving the car. The good thing is that we've showed all weekend long that RuSPORT can do this and be competitive. We'll make those same opportunities going forward."

Team-mate Allmendinger was forced to battle an ill-handling car but was able to secure another top-ten finish to maintain fourth in the championship standings - just one place behind Wilson.

"We just didn't have the balance right on the car at all," he said. "Really, fifth is a lucky fifth for as bad as the car was in my opinion. I really feel bad for Justin because he had this race won - he was just so hooked up. I feel bad for the team because that should've been RuSPORT's first win too."

Team owner Carl Russo was left feeling mixed emotions after seeing Wilson retire, with the plus point being an impressive showing from the former F1 driver before he was forced to pull out.

"This is why they have the race," he said. "The team did an outstanding job all weekend and this was Justin's race. The normally reliable Ford-Cosworth engine had a failure. Clearly the team continued to demonstrate that we have the speed and skill to compete up front. AJ was challenged with the car set-up throughout the race but he stayed with it and came home with another top-five. Now it's off to Cleveland."



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