Keeping pace with the flurry of interest in the new formula for the 2006 Champ Car Atlantic Championship, designer and car constructor Swift Engineering has assured teams that up to 40 of the new Atlantic machines will be delivered by early March of next year.

As it begins its 33rd season of competition in 2006, the Champ Car Atlantic Championship will feature a new 016.a Swift chassis design with a Cosworth 2.3-litre racing engine that will generate 300 horsepower.

Since the announcement, teams have rushed to place orders for the new Atlantics with over 30 cars already purchased for next season.

"We have been fielding inquiries and requests from interested teams, literally from all over the world," Vicki O'Connor, managing director of the Atlantic Championship, said. "The response to the future competition package has just been tremendous and teams can't wait to take delivery of the new Atlantic cars."

With an overwhelming response from interested competitors, Swift Engineering has vowed to increase its production force and the manufacturer will deliver up to 40 of the new cars by 8 March 2006 to the teams that have placed orders by the deadline of 7 September. Swift will continue to take orders past the deadline, but can only ensure delivery in early March to the teams that purchase cars by the cut-off date.

"The interest that we've seen from teams in the new Swift/Cosworth Atlantic car is very impressive," Swift President Chuck Sprague said. "We want to make sure that all of the competitors for the 2006 Atlantic season get the opportunity to test the new car and put it through its paces.

"Everyone at Swift is going to roll up their sleeves and work even harder in the next several months to make sure the teams have the cars in their shops in early March so they can begin their hard work and preparation for next season."

Due to the overwhelming interest in the new chassis design, Champ Car and Swift officials have determined not to offer a special conversion kit for the current Atlantic Swift 014.a chassis for next season. This will ensure that all competing cars in 2006 will be the new design of Atlantic machines.



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