Chassis and safety cell designers Dallara have signed a new deal to supply to IndyCar until at least the end of the 2020 season as the first concept drawings of the 2018 cars are released.

Dallara began its IndyCar working relationship in 1997 and the Italian manufacturer has a US-based plant in Speedway, Indiana, which has strengthened its ties to the American series.

IndyCar has confirmed a new contract with Dallara which will see it supply chassis and safety cells until the end of 2020.

On top of the announcement, IndyCar series organisers have released initial concept drawings of aero packages for 2018. IndyCar states the drawings were completed last year and only give the first concept designs that will cover the Dallara IR-12 chassis and act as a guide to what they'll look like.

A second update is expected next month at the opening pre-season tests for 2017 at Phoenix International Raceway and Dallara hopes to have model concepts on show at the 101st Indy 500 in May before on track testing in the summer.

For 2017, IndyCar has implemented a development freeze.



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