Team Australia co-owner Craig Gore has suffered an inner ear injury which will see him absent from this weekend's Lexmark Indy 300 on the streets of Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

Gore received the injury during a routine flight in his helicopter on Monday and was operated on by leading Gold Coast Ear Nose and Throat surgeon Dr. Jim Hallam at Pindara Hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

Gore, a passionate and successful businessman, has many and varied business interests including co-ownership of the Team Australia Champ Car operations and a V8 Supercar team, both of which will be competing on the Gold Coast this weekend.

The 40-year-old entrepreneur has been instructed that travelling at heights of more than 2000 feet, exposure to loud noise or sudden movement could permanently damage his hearing.

As a result Gore has elected to watch this weekend's action from the luxury of his Gold Coast lounge room.

"I am absolutely shattered that I have received this injury in the most exciting week of the year for myself, all our Team Australia, WPS/WOW Racing team members and Australian motorsport fans," said Gore.

"I would give anything in my power to be trackside this weekend but I can not risk further injury to my ear with exposure to the noise and excitement that Indy produces.

"I will obviously be glued to my television set all weekend and have every confidence that both our Champ Car and V8 Supercar teams can get the job done.

"I believe that Will (Power) has every chance of winning Sunday's Lexmark Indy 300 and if that is the case I'm sure he'll have no problems visiting me Sunday night with the trophy.

"While I will not be at the track there will be more than 100,000 passionate Australian fans doing all the yelling and screaming needed to get Will over the line and I am sure Simon (Pagenaud) will be right there with him.

"Derrick Walker has done a fantastic job with our Champ Car team all year and I'm sure he will continue to rally the troops in his usual fashion this weekend as we look to realise another great moment in Australian motorsport.

"Go Team Australia!"

Gore's General Practitioner, Dr Bill Anseline, diagnosed the problem on Monday evening.

"At the start I thought it could have been a blocked eustacian tube but following further examination it became evident that the injury sustained was more serious than first thought and Craig was diagnosed to have suffered barotrauma in the right ear," said Dr Anseline.

"Once the problem was diagnosed I then contacted Jim Hallam, who is one of the best ear, nose and throat specialists in the world, who then conducted the surgical procedure to try to rectify and save Craig's hearing.

"After the operation was completed ten days of recuperation is required, which is basically bed rest."

Dr. Hallam, who conducted the surgical procedure on Gore's ear, is hopeful Gore will make a complete recovery provided he follows the correct recuperation procedure.

The Team Australia Champ Car outfit will take to the Surfers Paradise street circuit for the first time on Friday morning during practice for the Lexmark Indy 300.


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