by Lynne Huntting

The first week of the civil court trial involving Champ Car series and team owner Kevin Kalkhoven has ended, with several more weeks anticipated, but proceedings will continue over the weekend thanks to technology.

Although evidentiary testimony was halted mid-stream on Friday, judge Claudia Wilkins said the visual deposition would continue of Oakland District Court on Monday morning. In the meantime, Wilkins said she 'would be online all weekend', meaning that each side could continue to electronically file its motions, which she would read and rule on, a process now widely acknowledged and used - as long as all parties are notified.

Lead attorney for the plaintiffs, Barbara Hart, said that Judge Wilkins has a good work ethic and, despite not being in session the week before the trial began, had handled the many motions filed, saving a lot of time before the trial began. Such electronic filing can be done through the PACER - Public Access to Court Electronic Records - system, and the legal teams for both sides indicated on Friday afternoon that they would be filing more motions.

After court was over, the judge also suggested that the legal teams discuss certain items with each other, including aggregate damages. However, according to Kalkhoven, this does not mean there will be a settlement in the case.

Kalkhoven, along with three other former executives of optical fibre component company JDS Uniphase, are facing a class-action suit after being accused of withholding crucial information about the company's financial situation while cashing out large amounts of their stock. The company's situation deteriorated and shares drastically dropped in value.



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