by Lynne Huntting

Sebastien Bourdais will run a specially-designed graphics package for his last Champ Car weekend, which comes after five years and four consecutive Vanderbilt Cup successes.

The design was the idea of Bourdais' chief mechanic, Pedro Campuzano, and developed by the team. The entire cockpit, front and nosecone will be rimmed with decals designating each and every pole position and victory - currently 31 and 30 respectively - that the Frenchman has achieved leading up to this weekend's Mexico City finale.

Champ Car awards one decal after each honour is earned, and the driver can normally run it on his or her car that season. However, Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing received special permission to use all of Bourdais' winning decals, in order, since 2003.

As a result, the Frenchman's DP01 will be adorned with an array of small decals with the Champ Car chevron - orange for a victory and grey for a pole - as well as four Vanderbilt Cup silhouettes on the nosecone.



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