by Lynne Huntting

Perhaps waiting to avoid incurring the wrath of the passionate Mexican crowd, Mario Dominguez was assessed a one-place penalty that dropped him to eighth in the final Gran Premio Tecate results.

Champ Car's David Higdon announced, sometime after the special interview with Dominguez, that the Pacific Coast Motorsports driver had been guilty of 'multiple violations of the turn 17 exit line', designed to curb speeds through the rapid Peraltada corner leading onto the main straight. Dominguez was punished with a one position penalty, dropping him from a hard-earned seventh to eighth, promoting Bruno Junqueira but leaving all other results untouched.

Ironically, a CCWS spokesman confirmed that Dominguez would still earn the bonus point for gaining the greatest number of positions over his grid slot, after improving from 15th to eighth.

Race director Tony Cotman later held a press conference to discuss the Dominguez penalty, as well as others handed out over the weekend.

"Mario was racing Bruno at the end of the race and, as discussed in the drivers' meeting [on] Saturday, the turn 17 'foul line' was not to be run over," he explained, "It is out of bounds [as] it gives the offending driver an advantage - more speed off the corner. Dominguez did this for three consecutive laps at the end, which enabled him to keep ahead of Bruno."

As of this point, there has been no comment from the PCM team or Dominguez.



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