Greg and Leo Mansell are expecting their graduation to the Champ Car Atlantic Series to be a tough but exciting challenge after this week announcing they have signed to Walker Racing in 2008.

The next step in their rapid rise through the ranks, the duo come to the team that won the title in 2006 with Simon Pagenaud having endured mixed seasons in British Formula 3, Greg scoring three podiums but Leo managing just two points.

Nonetheless, both drivers are excited by the switch to racing in the Champ Car World Series feeder championship for the first time but with a 30-strong field expected in 2008, Greg is anticipating plenty of competition.

"We have a lot to learn with Atlantics cars. They're a new car to us. We have preseason testing, but all the tracks are brand new as well. And the way the Americans do the racing, the longer races, we've only done a 15 minute race before. That's going to be very hard mentally and physically.

"So I think we don't know how it's going to go as much as anyone else. If it goes well, obviously, that will be fantastic. Then again, two years is good as well. We can't predict anything from this point."

For Leo, the move to the United States was a logical one in light of the success British drivers have had over the years, not least his father Nigel, who famously won the CART series in 1993.

"I've watched 80 percent of the races when I'm around or at home I turn it on. Just talking about Mexico City, the last race which we just saw a few days ago, I think that's giving the Champ Car season strength to strength. And for us as drivers, it's very, very exciting.

"Formula, in our opinion, it's always been somewhere I've aspired to be. And after what our dad did in the early '90s, it's always been a place that we'd love to be. So now to be going over to Champ Car Atlantic series and racing and following most of the races where the Champ Cars are, is very, very exciting."


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