The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has unveiled the logos for all three motor racing events in 2009 at the legendary Brickyard - the 93rd Indianapolis 500, 16th NASCAR Allstate 400 and second Red Bull Indianapolis GP.

All three event logos share a similar design element in the bottom section, incorporating the words 'Centennial Era' in reference to IMS' celebration of the 100th anniversary of the facility in 2009 to the 100th anniversary of the first Indianapolis 500 in 2011. A similar design theme is found at the bottom of the Centennial Era logo unveiled earlier this year.

The IMS Creative Services department created the Indianapolis 500 and Allstate 400 at the Brickyard logos while Red Bull, with input from IMS, designed the logo for the Red Bull Indianapolis GP.

"We're excited to showcase these logos to the fans and motorsports community," said director Dawn Dyer, "All three event logos share a common thread of a vivid tribute to the facility's centennial in 2009 while having recognisable design elements unique to each event."

The red-and-blue design of the Indianapolis 500 logo has a traditional, historical feel, while the sleek, bold design of the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard logo features two different shades of blue - navy and sky. The 'Allstate' and 'Good Hands' logos also appear in the design, while the Red Bull Indianapolis GP logo has a fresh, modern look incorporating the primary design colours of red, white and blue. Logos will be used in marketing and promotional materials around the events, including tickets, advertisements, multimedia, merchandise and more.

"The Indianapolis Motor Speedway's logos are some of the most recognised and valuable assets in all of sports," said IMS president and COO Joie Chitwood, "The logos for our 2009 events certainly continue that great tradition."



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