Mallory Park racing circuit in Leicestershire was originally constructed with the aim of creating a pony trotting track in the 1940s but the demise of the parent company behind the plans meant the venue was used for motorbike scrambling in the early years instead.

The circuit in its current format started to take shape in the mid 1950s with the creation of a proper hard racing surface and the circuit was extended to just over 1.3 miles before opening in 1956.

The circuit played host the annual 'Race of the Year' each year, attracting the likes of Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini to compete over the years in front of large crowds before the announced was made that the circuit was to close in 1982 during steadily falling attendance figures.

The circuit was saved in 1983 and went on to play host to a wide range of series' over the years, with the circuit still playing host to a round of the British Superbike Championship on an annual basis.

Mallory Park was purchased by the BARC in 2005 and also plays host to the British round of the FIM Motocross World Championship.