The Morgan 'works' race team has been through the mill in recent months - surviving rejection by the ACO for Le Mans, suffering administration nightmares with the FIA GT series at Donington, and enduring a 150mph crash in torrential rain at Spa - but has shown that it can bounce back from most things.

The 2003 season also saw it finish eighth in class - splitting a field of Porsches, Ferraris and TVRs - in six hours of seamless racing against the world's best GT cars at the Le Mans 1000km, showing that the Aero 8 could yet achieve the team's objective - to knock Porsche from its twelve-year dominance of the class at Le Mans.

However, now comes its biggest battle of all as, in order to progress towards Le Mans in 2004, the team must first compete at Sebring in March.

"By sheer guts and determination, we have overcome every technical and administrative barrier that stood between us and the world's toughest race," spokesman David Dowse explained, "All we need now is funding.

"The support we have enjoyed from fans and enthusiasts of true racing spirit all around the world has been simply outstanding. Keeping up with the well-funded Porsche and Ferrari teams is a tremendous challenge - and one we simply can't meet without your support.

"If you are in a corporate environment, or know someone who is, we have superb opportunities for high-profile sponsorship exposure on one of the world's most photographed cars - so beloved that a French national newspaper referred to it at the Le Mans 6Hrs in November as la delicieuse Morgan. Please contact us now..."

For individuals and small groups wanting to support the campaign, Morgan is inviting applications and subscriptions for the 2004 season with exactly the same benefits as its 2003 package. Then, ?1000 earned exclusive Morgan Works Partner Club membership. Full details and a secure payment facility are on the team web site at



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