Scuderia Ecosse were able to show their true mettle against the best GT2 opposition the Le Mans Endurance Series had to throw at them in last weekend's Nurburgring 1000 kilometres and had it not been for persistent starter motor problems, driving duo Nathan Kinch and Andrew Kirkaldy would surely be celebrating a well deserved class win.

As it was, the teams' Ferrari 360 crossed the finish line in fourth position in class after losing bundles of time on each pit stop with the faulty start mechanism. The fact that numerous other teams suffered with almost identical problems during the all-dry six-hour marathon was of little consolation to the team who were consistently the fastest GT2 car on track.

On a weekend where the Ferrari's had the edge over the Porsche hoards in GT2, Ecosse's starting driver Kirkaldy had a fantastic battle with the GPC Ferrari of Fabio Babini at the head of the GT2 standings for over an hour. Comfortably clear of the third placed GT2 car, Kirkaldy pitted after an hour and ten minutes to hand over to Kinch. But as Kinch prepared to leave the pit lane the starter button failed, setting the tone for the rest of the afternoon.

Some quick work by the pit-crew got the car started and back out on track albeit a lap down and Kinch set about making up for lost time. The young driver had a great run and got the Ferrari back on the lead lap and up into third position before his pit stop. Unfortunately the problem was still there and when he pitted the starter failed again, this time necessitating 'in-garage' repairs, which lost a lot of time.

After this it was a case of playing catch-up for the rest of the afternoon.

Commenting on a frustrating afternoon, Andrew Kirkaldy said: "The annoying thing is that the car was awesome; we had the fastest car out there today by a long way. It ran like a dream for six hours. To be stopped in your tracks by a small thing like a starter button is incredibly frustrating!"

Mirroring Kirkaldy's comments, Nathan Kinch said, "The car was fantastic today. It was a lot of fun to drive and we could push it harder than ever. What else can I say? Frustrating - yes. Annoying - yes. Irritating - yes. All those words fit!"

Adding to their misery was the fact that the GPC Ferrari, which had been the only car capable of holding a candle to the Scuderia, retired from the race shortly before the end with a wheel failure.



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