Two trouble free days of practice and qualifying wasn't to be rewarded by a trouble-free race for the Czech-Russian Convers Menx Team who were forced out of the Le Mans 24 Hours on Sunday morning.

The black #67 Ferrari 550 Maranello was officially retired at 0800 hrs due to accident damage sustained as driver Alexey Vasiliev was approaching the Porsche Curves.

After seeing the incident on the television and hearing from the driver, it was decided that the damage would be too great to repair in the time available.

The heartbreak for the debuting team came after a strong fight back from delays during the night. Peter Kox had been maintaining a steady sixth place in the GT1 class when, in the ninth hour of the race, he was hit by an Audi in the Indianapolis section of the track.

"He hit me quite hard and pushed me off the track," Kox said. "I was just a passenger from then on and went over the gravel and into the tyre wall head on. The front of the car was quite badly damaged and we had to change the bonnet, bumpers, radiators and so on.

"It was quite a lot of work but the team did it really quickly - they did a fantastic job."


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